About Us Comeaero – Making it so simple.

Company Introduction

Comeraero aviation Service Limited Company is registered in Azerbaijan Republic, Baku city. Our company specializing in full flight support service, servicing corporate, charter, commercial, cargo flight operations around the world. The company was established in 2016 and provide 24/7 flight support services, as well as the status and budget of the customers.

Our company personnel’s experiences ensure for all kinds of charter flights.

We make it so simple for you to choose us.

Comeaero – Making it so simple.

Our Mission

Comeaero Aviation Service (CAS) Mission is to exceed the expectations of our customer’s in the aviation services industry. CAS standard of excellence customer service is exemplified by consistently providing high quality passenger, cargo transportation and aviation services solutions both safely and reliably.

• Aviation Services: Business is a human endeavor. The professionalism, skills, and experience of our employees are the key to our success. Our company’s future is secured by valuing and encouraging the contributions of each employee.

• Customer Excellence: Excellence arises from a daily dedication to exceeding expectations. Excellence is never static; it demands that each of us seek continuous improvement.

• Efficiency: Disciplined control of costs fosters creativity. An efficient company can absorb the occasional stumbles that come with growth and still succeed. An inefficient business with great products and services will fail in the end.

• Solutions: Opportunities come when we listen diligently to our customer needs, then deliver timely solutions created through our professionalism, ability, imagination, and the determination of our people.

• Reliability: Customers choose CAS professional services because of their confidence in the high reliability of our aircraft and the professionalism of our flight operations department.

• Service: Each CAS employee provides services to internal and external customers who rely upon those services to perform their jobs. In this interdependent environment, success is built upon communication. Consistent communication heads off unwelcome surprises, improves safety, and generates productive ideas.


Our Vision

To be the market leader in the aviation services industry.