GSA (General Sales Agent) Highest Performance Standard

The Comeaero Aviation Services (CAS) company provides General Sales Agent (GSA) services and tailor-made solutions for airlines, including the provision of efficient marketing tools, proactive sales methods, development of new market approaches and other personalized services as required and agreed to increase the public awareness concerning airlines’ services, expansion of airline business and taking care of the individual needs of passengers. Staffed by highly qualified persons, CAS provides quality services with a close and personal contact to customers. CAS prides itself on the frequency of its sales visits and caliber of its sales staff. Ensures maximum profitability and productivity by implementing coordinated business strategies and liaising with the airlines’ principals to develop, manage and implement their marketing plans in accordance with the airlines’ overall agreed strategy. Monitors the market closely and continuously by tracking competitor activities and recommending required changes in business strategies and sales/marketing activities, to ensure further and long term continued business growth. Continuous seeking of improvements in business processes, systems and technologies to ensure that targets are achieved in the most productive manner for the airline represented. Maintains and improves product and customer service standards laid down by the airlines in order to meet and exceed industry requirements. Arranging, implementing and managing all forms of legal activities, aviation documentation and applications, passenger correspondence in the native language of the countries represented, airport handling, passengers support activities, reservations and ancillary services provision and flight following. Ticket Sales Reports available 24/07/365.  Information distribution, mail outs and media releases.

     Services offered:

  • Call center services of airlines.
  • Multi-lingual customer services. (Azeri, Turkish, Arabic, English, Russian).
  • Production of flyers and promotional materials.
  • Representation at Trade and consumer shows.
  • Advertising strategies, including google ad words campaign.
  • We are commitment to the highest performance standard.

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